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PeopleClear SMCR Launch
PeopleClear SMCR Launch Announcement We are delighted to announce the launch of PeopleClear SMCR - our purpose-built technology to address…
Read More 07.10.2021
Leadership lessons from the pandemic

Leadership lessons from the pandemic What leadership lessons can we learn from our experiences during the coronavirus pandemic?  Recently, our…

Read More 17.06.2021
Duty of Responsibility under SMCR

Duty of Responsibility Under SMCR, Senior Managers have a Duty of Responsibility to act reasonably in carrying out their responsibilities. The…

Read More 11.06.2021
SMCR, Covid-19 and Technology

Why SMCR is even more important in the Covid-19 world of work? It is difficult to effectively manage a dispersed…

Read More 04.06.2021
Why SMCR is more than a tick box exercise

Why there is more to the Senior Managers and Certification Regime that you might think... A large misconception of the…

Read More 25.05.2021
What are the 5 SMCR Conduct Rules?

Bringing the 5 SMCR Conduct Rules to life - how the basics of the regime underpin the fitness, propriety and…

Read More 03.05.2021
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