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Empowering SM&CR Professionals:

The Evolution of PeopleClear SMCR

In the dynamic world of financial services, adherence to regulatory frameworks is non-negotiable. The Senior Managers and Certification Regime (SMCR or SM&CR) stands as a pivotal component, demanding the utmost precision and diligence. Enter PeopleClear SMCR, a company that simplifies the complex landscape of SM&CR compliance.

Behind PeopleClear SMCR

At the helm of PeopleClear SMCR is Andrew Pullman, the brainchild and CEO of this innovative solution. Andrew’s journey into the world of HR consultancy began in 2006 when he founded People Risk Solutions Ltd. His aim was clear: to assist clients in navigating the intricate domains of general HR, Employment Law, and Training projects. Over the years, he developed an impeccable reputation for his in-depth understanding of these areas, forming close, trusted relationships with clients.

Andrew’s expertise expanded into the realm of SM&CR, and it was through these relationships that he identified an opportunity to create something extraordinary. An intuitive SMCR system that didn’t just meet compliance requirements but also focused on enhancing the user experience. PeopleClear SMCR was conceived as a solution to the many complexities that professionals face, aiming to streamline their efforts and bolster their success.

The Birth of PeopleClear SMCR

The journey towards PeopleClear SMCR began with discussions in 2018. Recognising the significance of the SMCR, Andrew and his team undertook comprehensive research and assessment to understand the nuanced needs of professionals in the industry. This process yielded a roadmap that would guide the development of the system, ensuring it addressed real-world challenges and streamlined compliance efforts.

Choosing the right technology partner was paramount to bring this vision to life. In Fastfwd, a leading technology company, Andrew found the perfect collaborator. With the synergy of expertise in compliance and cutting-edge technology, the stage was set for the creation of PeopleClear SMCR. The development officially kicked off in 2020, and after rigorous efforts, the system was ready for deployment in the summer of 2021.

The Government's Stamp of Approval

The significance of PeopleClear SMCR was further underscored when it was awarded a government Smart Grant by Innovate UK. This recognition showcased the potential of PeopleClear SMCR to redefine the landscape of SM&CR compliance.

Innovate UK’s Smart Grant is a testament to the platform’s potential to drive regulatory compliance to new heights, allowing professionals in the field to navigate the intricate web of SMCR with ease and confidence.

This grant empowered the PeopleClear team to continue their pursuit of excellence. With ongoing support and validation from the government, they are committed to evolving the system to meet the ever-changing demands of the regulatory maze.

The Future of SMCR Compliance

In the world of SMCR compliance, PeopleClear SMCR stands as a beacon of innovation and user-centric design. As it continues to evolve and adapt, professionals in the SMCR arena can look forward to a future where compliance is not just an obligation but an opportunity to excel.

With PeopleClear SMCR, the intricate complexities of SMCR compliance become more accessible, efficient, and, ultimately, a driver of success. Welcome to the power of collaboration, innovation, and a relentless commitment to simplifying the lives of SM&CR professionals.

If you’re ready to experience the future of SMCR compliance, take the next step. Book a demo today to see PeopleClear SMCR in action or get in touch with our experts to discuss how we can tailor our services to meet your specific needs.

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Core Leadership Team
Andrew Pullman
Chief Executive Officer

Andrew has worked within financial services for over 30 years both in front office roles as well as in training and human resources. He founded People Risk Solutions in 2006 as a financial services based HR consultancy. Andrew is co-author of “Building an Outstanding Workforce” with Dr Paul Aldrich and is a Freeman of the Guild of HR Professionals and of the Company of Entrepreneurs.


Jonathan Max
Chief Operating Officer

Jonathan has worked in financial services for over 20 years at various firms within human resources and recruitment. He has had a particular focus on regulatory projects as well as analytics and management information. Jonathan led the rollout of the SMCR at a bank prior to becoming a freelance HR consultant. Jonathan is responsible for the operational design and development of PeopleClear SMCR.


Jo Murphy
Chief Technology Officer

Jo has worked for over 30 years as a senior business analyst with a variety of large financial institutions. She has pertinent experience of building an SMCR tool for a large bank, and subsequently supporting the build of other SMCR related systems. Jo is the key interface between PeopleClear and the technology solutions we deliver.



 A strong set of experts within the financial services industry provide input to the development and rollout of PeopleClear SMCR including:

Chris Harris

Highly skilled and seasoned compliance and risk consultant with extensive expertise in regulatory affairs.

Mark Huxley

Experienced entrepreneur and astute strategic advisor, specialising in the insurance industry’s dynamic landscape.

Colin Spiller

Entrepreneur in technology and one of The City’s resident experts for start-ups seeking investment and rapid growth

David Mellor

Experienced banker, successful entrepreneur, and trusted advisor to small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).

Gary Thomas

Senior technology security professional and technology director specialising in client facing HR, recruitment and finance businesses

Michele MacKinnon

SMCR and regulatory specialist, executive coach, and seasoned talent expert with extensive industry experience and knowledge.

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