SMCR Compliance: Requirements Explained

Your company is responsible, not the regulator

SMCR compliance creates challenges for financial services businesses of all shapes and sizes in managing the allocation of regulatory functions and responsibilities for their Senior Managers.

For your certified population, the business is responsible for establishing effective certification processes and evidencing that Certified Individuals are FIT to perform their roles.

As firms look at new and different ways of working, proving the competence of a distributed and remote workforce has become more critical. Much of the administrative burden of the regime falls to HR and Compliance teams. We aim to simplify and reduce this additional workload.

Functions & SMCR Requirements

For SMCR requirements, the business is responsible for determining the allocation of the functions and responsibilities required for their SMCR categorisation.

Irrespective of your category, a Statement of Responsibility (SOR) must be prepared for each Senior Manager and kept up-to-date. Significant changes to the Senior Manager’s responsibilities will require an updated SOR and submission to the regulator.

Furthermore, the process of allocation and decision-making needs to be evidenced with secure record keeping.


Firms are responsible for ensuring that individuals who perform regulatory functions are certified to do so. In addition, a firm can only issue a certificate if they are confident that the individual is fit to perform those functions.

To meet these requirements, a firm needs to have a robust certification process, a view of the current status of their certified population and access to an individual’s certification history and evidence with which to support objective decision-making.

The Solution

We have designed purpose-built technology to address all your SMCR compliance requirements.

We provide a clear, intuitive and easy-to-implement SaaS solution. It is secure, cloud-hosted and  ISO27001 compliant.

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