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Effortless SMCR With PeopleClear™

Our straightforward and efficient software has been meticulously crafted to assist HR and Compliance professionals in fulfilling their firm’s SMCR obligations. Developed based on our own experiences, and rigorously tested and peer-reviewed, PeopleClear™ is already enhancing accountability, transparency, and operational efficiency for regulated organisations.

With its intuitive design and comprehensive features, it stands as a valuable tool to streamline your SMCR compliance and ensure that your firm operates in accordance with the highest regulatory standards. Trust in PeopleClear™ to simplify your responsibilities and empower your team to meet the most stringent compliance requirements.

Why Use Our SMCR Software?

– Easy to administer with defined roles for system, certification and senior manager administration
– Annual certification process aligned with firm’s cycle
– Interim certification process to cater for joiners, leavers and transfers
– Historical certification records
– Comprehensive evidence
– Produces the firm’s Management Responsibility Map (MRM), including Senior Management and Governance organisation charts
– Statement of Responsibility (SOR)
– Allocation of firm’s functions, responsibilities and delegations
– Regulatory references and ability to update (track)
– And many more…

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