We have been awarded an Innovate UK Smart Grant

In 2023 PeopleClear SMCR will make the complex even more manageable with some exciting new developments to our SMCR solutions. We have been awarded an Innovate UK Smart Grant, a government grant that supports British businesses with tech and innovation-based projects. This funding will allow us to move forward with developing the gold standard of SMCR compliance management.

Competition for the grant is high, so we are delighted to be selected as one of 248 projects this year. Our innovative approach to SMCR compliance is an optimal solution to ensure that managing your compliance is as simple and as stress-free as possible. Our current solution already uses advanced regulatory technology to provide an intuitive, secure, and easy-to-use system for SMCR.

The Innovate UK Smart Grant will enable us to further develop our software to incorporate a pioneering “Insights Engine” to constantly monitor the evolving business and regulatory environment and recommend appropriate actions to maintain SMCR compliance in real time.

PeopleClear SMCR will become your go-to, comprehensive “insurance policy” against SMCR non-compliance, providing firms with confidence and reassurance to carry out their business.

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