SMCR Case Study: Mid-size UK Bank

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Discover how our SMCR solutions revolutionise compliance in the banking sector. Explore our case study to see how we’ve empowered banks to navigate the complex regulatory landscape effortlessly. From streamlined reporting to robust governance, we’re your partner in achieving compliance excellence.

The Challenge

The bank was managing the SMCR processes manually using spreadsheets. The compliance team recognised that this brought a variety of inherent risks.

The team also wanted to update and improve overall processes. Existing processes were too cumbersome, manual, required too much management time on inefficient email trails, and did not create enough hard evidence to support decisions.

The CEO wanted to take ownership for reasonable steps and set clear expectations which led the compliance
team to source external solutions.

The Solution

PeopleClear reviewed all SMCR processes and made recommendations which involved simplifying and improving their processes.

Further to this it was agreed that the implementation of a software system would bring clear benefits. PeopleClear was chosen and onboarded.

We have been providing ongoing regular support as required to help the compliance team efficiently and effectively meet their SMCR requirements.

The Outcome

Our SAAS SMCR solution was implemented successfully within two weeks. The client was able to start uploading data even before we provided training support due to the ease of the user experience (a key element of the design).

It immediately provided the CEO with a clearer picture of his responsibilities on an ongoing basis.

The bank is better placed to manage all SMCR requirements due to more efficient data gathering and processes that meet best practices.


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