SMCR Case Study: Ratings Agency

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Discover how our SMCR solutions revolutionise compliance in the insurance sector. Explore our case study to see how we’ve empowered Ratings Agencies to navigate the complex regulatory landscape effortlessly. From streamlined reporting to robust governance, we’re your partner in achieving compliance excellence.

The Challenge

Providing insurance to the financial services sector the company wanted to keep abreast of the potential risks their clients were taking – in particular with relation to regulation.

They recognised that a key indicator of risk is how well firms implement and run their SMCR processes.

The company then set out to explore various ways to get a better idea of how their clients tackled SMCR.

The Solution

Firstly, the company adapted their Risk Portal that was provided to clients across a number of other sectors to provide financial services clients with a range of risk management tools.

Secondly, having identified SMCR as a key risk they approached PeopleClear to provide our SMCR tool, on a white label basis, to all their financial services clients.

The Outcome

PeopleClear SMCR is in the process of being adapted to sit in the Risk Portal, and is planned to be offered to all the company’s financial services clients to manage their SMCR responsibilities.

This not only helps deliver better risk management for their clients, it also builds greater brand loyalty.


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